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This week I’m proud to introduce you to a controversial and exciting author, Joseph Rinaldo.  I am a voracious reader and I read most genres.  When I saw postings on Facebook for reviews needed of “A Mormon Massacre” I replied immediately.  History is one of my favorite subjects and the description intrigued me.  Based on a true story it’s the author’s fictional account of a big cover-up in the Mormon Church.  You can read my review of A Mormon Massacre here.

Mr. Rinaldo captures the essence of the times and the characters he writes about.  You are so drawn into the book that before you know it it’s over. I literally could not put it down!  I hope you enjoy learning a little more about what makes this author “tick” and about his other books as well.


Interview with author Joseph Rinaldo

By: L.Leander

  1. What makes you stand out as a writer? Spending the time in the story to really develop the important characters so the reader feels like they “know” the characters.
  2. What is your favorite type of reading material? Like most avid readers, I’ll read a variety of things. I can’t define a single topic or writing style that I’ll always read or avoid.
  3. If you could only pick one, who is your greatest influence? My English teacher from my freshman year of high school. She said I was a good writer, so I knew it was true. [She didn’t say something unless she meant it.]
  4. Where do you get your ideas for writing? I have no clue. The stories pop into my head, and I start typing.
  5. Are you a pantser or an outliner? A little of both. I’ll outline some of the story, usually hitting the main twists and events. However, the character interaction and much of the tone comes to life as I type it.
  6. Finish this sentence:  One thing very few people know about me is… I’ll continue to pursue a writing career until I can do it full-time.
  7. If I had a choice, every day would include… a boat ride.
  8. If you were stranded on a deserted island and could have Internet and a computer or a supply of paper and pens which would you choose? The computer and the internet so I’d at least know what was going on in the rest of the world even if I wasn’t a part of it. Also, when my food and water run low, I could coordinate a food drop via email.
  9. Do you hear voices?  What do they tell you?  What do you tell them? Yes, the characters in my books live in my head. I try not to interact with them too much because many of the characters in my books are not likeable people.
  10. What is your very favorite part of being an author?  Your least favorite? I love the moments where the story is playing in my head as fast as I can type. I feel like the first person to see the next big movie. My books come to me in images which is why they seem more like movies than books to me. I do not enjoy the struggle of getting a book to market. The editing isn’t a whole lot of fun, but I really do hate trying to sell books.
  11. Where did you grow up? Owensboro, Kentucky. The third largest city in that state, and no one’s ever heard of it.
  12. Describe your ideal vacation (the sky’s the limit) On a beach, deep sea fishing is involved, a sound dampening wall between the bedroom for my wife and I and the one for my daughter [if I’m allowed to go there]
  13.  If you could be either, which would you choose – a dog or a cat?  Why? Cat; no one expects them to do anything, yet cats expect humans to be fully trained.
  14.   You are the co-host of CBS This Morning – who would you like to snag an interview with? Tina Turner; she’s seen so much from racism to abuse. Yet, she always comes out on top and has such a positive attitude. She might be the most unappreciated American icon because she doesn’t promote herself or pander to the media.
  15.  Tell us a little about your most recent protagonist? Jeremiah in A Mormon Massacre has a very strong sense of justice. He goes undercover into the Mormon church in hopes of rescuing women from abusive plural marriages. To see what he finds, you’ll have to read the book, but Jeremiah believes the world can be a better place. For this world to be a better place, he believes everyone is responsible for fighting evil.



To purchase a Kindle version of A Mormon Massacre by Joseph Rinaldo, click on the book cover to the left.  For a paperback version of the book click here:

NOTE:  As a special offer, the author has informed me that anyone who buys a copy of A Mormon Massacre during his featured interview this week will also receive free copies of either or both of his other ebooks, A Spy At Home and Hazardous Choices as a gift to thank them for buying A Mormon Massacre. All they need do is email him at

Want to know more about Joseph Rinaldo?  Here are some links where you can check him out!

Joseph Rinaldo Website

Joseph Rinaldo Facebook Author Page

Joseph Rinaldo Blog

Find Joseph Rinaldo on Twitter:  @jmrinaldo

Leave some comments – have you read A Mormon Massacre?  Planning to?  What do you think?


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7 Responses to “Introducing Author Joseph Rinaldo”

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Nice interview. It sounds interesting and timely.


Thanks Cherley. Joseph is an interesting author and his book is one of my favorites of 2012!

Another great choice, Linda. Joseph. Isn’t marketing the worst? Ihate it too. I really enjoyed your interview and will sertainly read this book. Zane Grey werote several great westerns on the subject of Mormons, which I enjoyed. Great success to you!

Thanks Dannie. I loved Zane Grey too, and you’ll definitely enjoy Joseph’s book – I couldn’t put it down!

Nice interview and I’m definitely looking forward to the read. Just got to catch up on my backlog first.

I know all about those backlogs, lol. It was so refreshing to pull a great read out of mine, though. A Mormon Massacre is one of those books that stays with you!

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