Introducing Author Troy Lewis

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book_photoThis week my guest is Troy Lewis.  Troy has written a remarkable book called Another Second Chance.  What would you do if you were faced with a disease that would be certain death unless you could find a donor?  What if that donor turned out not to be able to help you?  The author has gone through just such an experience and has chosen to share his journey with the world.  You can read my review of the book here.

Interview of Troy Lewis

by L.Leander

Where do you write?  What’s your creative space like?

I like writing in, what I call “my writing cave”! My finished basement.. As I walk.the kittysteps to my “Cave”, it’s as if I am entering a different world. There is a peacefulness down there that can’t be explained. You are surrounded by memories on the walls from moments in the past. And occasionally a furry feline will sunder onto your lap to see what you’re writing

What is your favorite writing tool?

I prefer my laptop to write with.. But I love to listen to Christian music for inspiration. It helps put me in the mood to inspire others when I am inspired myself. It lights a fire in my heart, then to my brain, which explodes out of my fingertips into the story.

What movie star would you pick as one of the characters in your book and why?

Since my book is an autobiography, it doesn’t seem appropriate to choose my character. So I will get my self in trouble with my better half and choose her character….  I would have to say Jenny Garth would play my wife, since she has been told there is a strong resemblance.

What did you want to be when you grew up?  Did you realize that dream?

I wanted to be a Professional athlete. Uh… That didn’t work out.

Explain your creative process.  Pantser?  Outliner? 

It starts out as an outline, then moves around a bit when the ideas start to roll. Pretty soon I’m flying by the seat of my pants. So I guess, a little of both.

If you could only have one mode of transportation what would it be, a horse or a bicycle?  Why?

That would be a Bicycle since I’ve never ridden a horse. Except at the carnival, but I don’t think that counts… Plus I love riding bike and I don’t have to feed it.

Do you dream about your stories?  Ever written about a dream?

I have day dreamed about stories, but not had dreams at night about them. There have been moments where I have dreamed about people who I have met. Since I write nonfiction, that would probably be a “yes” on the “Ever written about a dream” question.

What were you like in high school?  Class clown?  Nerd?  Cheerleader type?

I was just an average guy, I was quiet and shy to those I didn’t know well. To the ones I did, I was loud and out going. If you were my friend, you were a close friend.

What’s your favorite theme park?  Why?  (If you’ve never been, which one would you like to visit and why?)

Cedar Point!! The roller coaster capital of the world! Not because I love roller coasters, they scare me to death! (Except the smaller ones.) It’s because I live a half hour away from the park!

Are you a reader?  What types of books do you like best?  What author(s)?

I am not a big reader due to time. When I do read, it is typically for knowledge or inspiration. I love Max Lucado books!

Is there anything you’d like to add?

Six months ago Jan. 28 on July 28, I commemorated my two year anniversary of my Second Chance at life! I wanted to share with you the most visited blog post I’ve written.

On that day I ran my first 5k for team Ohio at the Transplant Games of America (on my 2 year anniversary!) When I arrived to the event and made my way to the starting line… There was my transplant surgeon and his wife ready to run with me…  One of the most memorable moments of my life! I found out a couple of days later that I had finished fourth in my age group (40-49) and just missed the bronze medal.

Thank you Troy for a very interesting interview.  Readers, be sure to leave comments here for the author.

3d_book_coverPurchase Another Second Chance by Troy Lewis at these links:

Amazon Kindle


Signed copies from Troy’s website

Other places to find Troy Lewis:

Troy Lewis website 

Troy Lewis Blog 

Troy Lewis on Twitter 

Troy Lewis on Facebook

Troy Lewis Bio

Troy Lewis is a recent walking miracle (transplant recipient), speaker, and author.  He resides in Northwest Ohio with his lovely wife Stephanie and two beautiful daughters Corrine and Allison.
He loves sharing “Wow God stories” to inspire and encourage others.
For nine years Troy had played the part of Jesus Christ in a Passion drama, but that was only in preparation of what God had in store for him next. Since his near death experience, he now shares this amazing “Testimonial Message” of Hope at Churches all over! It has been called “God’s story”.
He has been interviewed on TV, Radio, and featured in media articles.
To learn more about Troy and his story, go to

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I love inspirational stories– especially when the wroter knows where the inspiration comes from. Great interview, Troy

Thanks for stopping by Dannie. Troy’s book is a great read – hard to put down. Sometimes when we are faced with our greatest adversities we find a strength we never knew we had!

Thanks Dannie! The questions made it a fun interview! Check out my blog and be sure to read some of my previous posts.

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