A Mormon Massacre by Joseph Rinaldo


Riveting and Shocking!

So very nice to pick up such a good read. I was engrossed from page one when the protagonist, Jeremiah, was introduced. As a matter of fact, all of my favorite parts in the book were the characters. We begin being introduced to them in the very beginning and author Joseph Rinaldo slips another in every few chapters or so. Mr. Rinaldo’s descriptions are good. The reader feels like he/she knows the actual person, not a fictional person in a novel.

We are introduced to the Mormon faith on many different levels. The author has made no assumptions or accusations in his work of fiction. This work must have taken a lot of research, as there are a lot of true facts included. Mr. Rinaldo has reported these facts clearly, with no bias, and his characters are multi-faceted.

It was interesting to see the circle of believers the author portrays. They range from the most devout and sometimes-overzealous members of the sect to the more liberal. When they are called upon by the Prophet Michael to follow him and his vision some are uneasy. Really? In this day and age? Is this right? They grapple with the moral dilemma they face, torn by the faith they hold dear and the laws of the land. While most have no problem accepting the multiple wives, reinstating the Danites and using the “Blood Atonement” to cleanse women and allow them to reach heaven with the help of their husbands is a heart wrenching decision for others.

Jeremiah is thrown into the middle of this volatile explosion when he agrees to go undercover to try to expose the wrongdoings. He is caught in the inner circle of the most dangerous offenders and must get evidence and get out. This makes for some very tense scenes in the book.

This was an interesting and exciting read. I really enjoyed the historical aspect and learning more about the Mormon faith. My only critique would be how quickly each scene changed. I found it a bit unsettling to go right from one scene with certain characters to an entirely new group of people in different surroundings. However, I loved the book and it deserves 5 stars, so I am not discounting that fact.

If you like historical fiction, biographies, non-fiction, action, adventure, or just a darned good read – A Mormon Massacre has it all. Don’t miss it!


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