Cross Roads by C. Michaels

Cross Roads by C. Michaels

Reviewed by L.Leander

★★★★★  (Five Stars)

Wind River is not at all what you would expect. Yes, it’s a small town, and yes, most of the people know each other and are friendly. Most of the people, that is. When Ben returns to his favorite place in Idaho and brings a bombshell named Gloria along things are headed for a change of pace. There are so many great characters here that I’d have a hard time picking a favorite. Although the beginning is a little slow, once you get into the book you realize the setup needed to be done exactly the way it was.

Mr. Templeton is used to having everything his way. And he wants Sticks (the small inn next door). He will stop at nothing to get it. Ben and his friends Cue and Katie fight back. But things are not what they seem. The plot twists and turns deliciously as the reader is introduced to the beautiful landscape and fly-fishing paradise. Enter Mickey, who is on a quest of his own. Ben and Mickey become friends but Ben’s not quite sure just who the old man is and why he has come to Wind River.

Gloria decides the grass is greener elsewhere but is it? Ms. Michaels both delights and confuses the reader by doubling back and presenting different ideas as to whom may be the villain.  Can you guess who? Whether you love Romance, Mystery, or Contemporary Fiction you’ll get it here. You’ll be glad you started reading but you won’t be able to put the book down!

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