Bill of Human Wrongs by C.Michaels


Claire Winslow is a US Senator with a past that haunts her.  She spends sleepless nights recounting the same nightmare over and over in her head.

Rachel Ross is the anchor of a daily news show.  She is unafraid to do things her own way.

Eve Hart is a mother and wife of a powerful television personality.  She has a secret.

SB 1257 is the latest bill being introduced for a controversial vote in the Senate.  It amends the Constitution and strips many rights from women and other minorities.

Four male senators are at the heart of the bill and will do anything to get it passed.  Anything at all.

Sometimes the stars align just right and people come together.  People from other worlds, other religions, other races, other beliefs.  This is such a time.

Claire, Rachel and Eve meet.  There is no chance they would ever have met.  For some reason it is inevitable.  Now that they know each other, now what?

Follow this fast-paced political thriller as it moves rapidly through a city of greed and corruption to a place worlds apart.  Keep your eyes open or you might miss a clue that could mean the end of life, as you know it.

Learn about courage and cowardice, racial undertones and hatred.  Root for good to overcome evil.  Watch the door.  You never know who’ll enter next.

C. Michaels has written a book that is both captivating and thought-provoking.  You find yourself asking “what if?” over and over.  You pay attention to the details and wonder about the outcome.  You learn that people are not always as they seem – they can hurt, they can hate and they act out of fear.

Just when you thought you were comfortable with the world you live in you are transported to another.  You can’t believe what you see.

Follow the trail of SB 1257.  Will it be yea or nay?  Stay tuned.

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