Black Rose by J.T. Schaad

Black Rose Cover 1440X2250 (2)★★★★I was hooked on the first page when I began reading this book. A gruesome string of murders takes place in a small town setting. We are introduced to Frank, a detective with demons of his own, his sister Laura and her daughter Amy. Frank is a very likeable cop. You empathize with his struggles and admire him for the man he is. He loves his sister and niece and would do anything for them.

Laura, who has lived alone and been in a bad relationship, meets Mike and there is karma. Amy and her friend Shelley are mostly worried about the prom and the party that will be held afterward.

There are many twists and turns in the plot of this book and I found myself pegging the killer only to jump to another suspect every little while. While the scenes are very graphic and gruesome, the fact that a serial killer is on the loose strikes terror in your heart as you wonder who will be next.

The author, J.T. Schaad, is very good at writing scenes that pull the reader in. His characters are just normal people with normal problems – that is, until the serial killer strikes. All at once everyone is suspect.

I felt much of the same emotion as when I read Hannibal by Thomas Harris. There is definitely evil in the world and most people don’t experience it. I think it takes a writer who can flesh out chapters and leave the reader feeling that something evil is present. Because of that the reader cannot put the book down.

If you’re ready to experience a wicked read and can handle the mature content this book is definitely for you. But keep the light on – you don’t know who may be lurking in the darkness!

If you’d like to know more about author J.T. Schaad, read my interview with him here.


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