How to Survive When the Bottom Drops Out by JT Sather

howtosurvive★★★★★I’ve heard the only thing to fear is fear itself. This author certainly hasn’t heeded the call. Where most of us would be terrified of the many difficulties J.T. Sather has encountered, he not only has embraced them but lived to tell about them. While most people will never go through a fraction of the things the author has, everyone will benefit from reading his observations on the life of the down and out. I love the suggestions he makes to weather the storm, i.e., pack light and don’t let anyone know where your “stuff” is. Be sure you keep the only key. That way, when you have to move on, it’s easy to pick up your stuff and leave.

Mr. Sather gives sage advice for living “rent free” and for many other travesties that may happen to you if you lose everything. Even though the book is based on the premise of being “financially bereft” the information included within the pages is definitely of help to anyone in dire straits.

This book is a thoroughly entertaining read that will have you laughing as you file away the facts in your memory (just in case you should ever need it). It’s hard to believe that such an upbeat, comedic style of writing could evolve from someone who has lived through so much pain and distress. It’s easy to see how catastrophic life events can ruin a person’s life, but with the tips contained here you realize there is a choice – you can come out the other side a winner. All it takes is perseverance, a sense of humor, and an indomitable spirit. The author has it all and he insists that you can too. Just believe in yourself. Simple, isn’t it?


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