Stamp Out Murder by Cherley Grogg

stampoutmurder_1★★ ★ ★★James Freeman thinks he’s going on a vacation.  He’s a big city boy from Washington D.C. He winds up in the little town of Wanton, West Virginia, where he has made an appointment to see an armoire he is very interested in buying.  James is an antiques enthusiast.  When he arrives, the town isn’t quite what he had hoped for.  It’s pretty laid-back and the people are just a little strange.  James has trouble accepting their backwards ways and the townspeople aren’t so sure of him either.  James makes a hasty decision to buy the armoire and get out of town.

The problem is, there’s no room at the inn.  James thinks he’ll just drive a few miles north or south and get a nice room in a motel.  He’s straightened out pretty quickly and finds out he has to stay at the local bed and breakfast, run by a rather abrupt and odd woman.  There’s not much room there either, but the owner, Linda, does put him up in a little-used room at the top of the stairs.

James is a loner and mostly keeps to himself. He’s not used to all these southern “y’all come back” ways.  He wants little more than to be left alone to do his business and go home, back to civilization.  Not going to happen.

Poor James.  He is overrun with some of the most entertaining characters ever to grace the pages of a book.  From an odd woman whose husband insists on leaving for business every time they take a vacation, to two old codgers who seem harmless, to the niece of the bed and breakfast proprietress the novel takes a series of twists and turns and keeps the reader on their toes as they follow the plot.

Beware, there are ghosts.  And a couple of murders.  Set against the backdrop of the beautiful hill country of West Virginia, author Cherley Grogg has done a fantastic job of bringing readers along on a colorful mystery that leaves you gasping at every twist.  James is an outsider so the sheriff thinks he’s guilty.  But is he?  Who is at the center of the McKeel clan’s losses in the Cheat River?  Are they accidents?

James gets one thing he definitely didn’t bargain for – Carolyn.  She is different, vulnerable and a little overbearing at times and very inquisitive.  James would rather she left him alone.  Or would he?

The author begins each chapter with a description of a collectible stamp and its worth.  I guarantee you’ll want to keep reading the book until you’re finished, and like me, you’ll be anxiously awaiting the next in the series!

If you’d like to know more about author Cherley Grogg click here for her interview and information.


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