The Audubon Caper by Roy L Murry

tac★★★★★What was the Audubon Caper? This tale will stay with you forever!

Roy L Morrell was like a lot of the boys-turned-men I knew in the 60’s and 70’s. Just a regular guy, he’s thrust into the Vietnam conflict way too soon, old enough to fight for his country but not old enough to vote. He is part of the Green Berets, an elite team of soldiers who are well-known for their bravery and commendations. But all Roy really wants to be is an accountant and live a normal life, with a home, a wife and children. He is a strong-willed and interesting character and once he returns stateside he immediately enters college to fulfill his dreams.

Like many of the free-loving hippies during the infamous era, Roy explores the world of sex and drugs. Perhaps underneath the thick armor of a brave soldier lies a regular guy who is seeking for answers and isn’t sure how to find them after the horrible war he has just encountered? At any rate, Roy settles into college and not only enjoys his studies he excels at them.

One fateful day will change his life. Roy meets a fellow classmate named Forrest van Zandt and the two become friends. They are as different as oil and water but the two strike up a bond and do have a common interest in golf. Forrest invites Roy to his home and Roy is not only uncomfortable but also amazed at the lifestyle and background his friend enjoys. And, Forrest’s parents love the laid-back, honest, hard-working friend their son has introduced to them. They highly approve of the two spending time together and hope that Roy will be a good influence on their son.

However, Forrest is a charmer and an idea-man. Unafraid to do things most people would cringe at, he wades right into the fringes of the underground, although his tactics sometimes fail him and he pays the consequences, even jail time with an infamous Watergate prisoner. The preppy college student tries to enlist the help of his new friend Roy, but Mr. Morrell prefers to stay on the side of the law, although he does make one slip-up that will cause him grief.

Enter the US Government. Roy is whisked away to a clandestine meeting and given an option to work undercover. He refuses, saying he has given enough of his life to his country and prefers to live a normal life. But the government doesn’t give up, and Roy realizes he’ll have to acquiesce or face jail time for something he knows he shouldn’t have taken part in.

This is the story of a mole, one so innocent and innocuous that no one suspects him. A man who can drink and carouse with the best of them – a good old boy façade that covers a mind of steel. The book takes the reader on a series of twists and turns so unbelievable that I found myself scanning some passages over to be sure I hadn’t read it wrong. Included are the mafia, US Marshalls and the witness protection program, plus women so beautiful, so voluptuous and amazing that they surely must be fiction? It’s a wonder the protagonist even lived through all the things he experienced, and because of that fact the reader is glued to the book from beginning to end.

If you’d like to know more about author Roy L Murry read my interview with him here.


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