The Dragon Gem (Korin’s Journal) By Brian Beam

★★★★★Hang on to your hat – this is a real roller coaster ride! 

I generally do not read fantasy, although I loved the Harry Potter series. However, it was as if a giant hand snatched me into The Dragon Gem and would not let go until I had read every word. I love the characters and the total excitement Brian Beam has created. Korin is a very believable character with a great sense of humor and a familiarness that tugs at the heartstrings. On a quest for the truth, he is alternately chased by monsters and his inner demons, all the while having a great sense of humor and caring for his friends. Max is one of the greatest characters ever (I can say that about a wizard cat, right?) and I loved him! This book has everything – fantasy, romance, battles with monsters, family ties, wizardry, and it’s a total roller coaster all the way. I do have to say that if the book were properly edited I feel that it would be a runaway bestseller. I chose not to address those concerns here and am just speaking to the content of the book. Mr. Beam is a witty writer and his characters spring from the page and become your best friends. You care what happens to them and root for them to overcome obstacles and find what they are searching for. I was a bit let down by the end, but again, it was due to editing and I cannot give less credence to the story because of it. Good job all around Mr. Beam. I am anxiously awaiting the next book in the series – you have hooked me on fantasy!


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