The Spring and Autumn Murders by Laura Seeber

Spring and Autumn murders cover★★★★★ The book is set in the time of the Spring and Autumn period in ancient China.  We are introduced to three men in the first chapter, Lei, Zian and Hai.  They are transferred to northern China as security soldiers for Lord Nianzu, who is the ruling leader there.  The three men arrive at the household of Nianzu and are invited to dinner.  During the meal Nianzu’s son, Dishi, mistreats his bride-to-be, Hua.  Zian stands up for her with repercussions from Nianzu and his household.  They have committed a grave error in Chinese protocol.

Later that night while on patrol, Zian is startled by Hua, in a disheveled and bloody state.  She begs for his help.  He leaves her and seeks out his comrades to aid him in finding out what happened.  When they return Hua has vanished.

What follows is a tale of passion, treachery and love.  The men follow Hua’s trail to the land of the barbarians.  We are introduced to other characters that play a key role in finding out what actually happened at the Nianzu estate.

The military seeks out the three soldiers and arrest Zian.  Now the race is on to clear Zian’s name and find out answers about what Hua saw and who the person responsible is.

From kind farmers who are willing to risk their lives to help and a healer who is renowned for her skill, the novel takes the reader on an adventure never to be forgotten as Zian, Lei and Hai go on a frantic search, all the while being pursued by soldiers who are loyal to Nianzu.

What happened at the Nianzu estate?  Who is responsible?  This book is so well written that you are sucked into the plot and totally surprised at the outcome.  No matter what genre you prefer to read I can guarantee you’ll like this book.  The author has obviously spent a lot of time researching.  The characters are extremely well written and easy to identify with.  I couldn’t put it down!

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